Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus Charging Problems (Solutions)

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus charging issues seem to be a common problem for those who own the new Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy S20+ Plus has problems with charging. We’ll show you some solutions to the charging problems that are causing headaches with your Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Fixing Galaxy S20+ Not Charging Problem

The most common reasons why the Galaxy S20 charger does not work are the following:

  • Connectors and batteries that are bent, broken or pushed in should be replaced.
  • The phone is not working.
  • Battery damaged
  • Cable or charging unit failure.
  • Temporary phone problems
  • The phone is not working.

Changing Cables

When the Samsung Galaxy is not charging correctly, the first thing you should do is check the charging cable. Sometimes, the charging cable may have become loose or damaged and is unable to charge the Galaxy S20+ Plus. To determine if there is a problem with your cable before you buy a new one, switch it with another USB cable.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus

Sometimes, the Galaxy S20 won’t charge when it is plugged in because the software needs to be rebooted. Although this may temporarily fix the issue, it does fix the Galaxy S20+ Plus charging problem.

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