Samsung Galaxy S20: How To Change Lock Screen

You may be interested in the Samsung Galaxy S20’s process and how to change the lock screen. There are many ways to do this, and we will explain them all below. To make your Galaxy S20 even more user-friendly, you can add widgets or icons to the lockscreen. You can also alter the Galaxy S20+ Plus’ lock screen wallpaper.

You can see a list containing different options for your Galaxy S20+ Plus lock screen features by going to the settings section and searching for “Lock Screen”.

  • Dual Clock – Shows both current and home time zones, if you are traveling
  • The clock size – Makes it easier to read by making it larger or smaller
  • Display the Date – This is self explanatory. If you would like the date to be shown, make sure this is checked
  • Camera Shortcut – Instantly unlock your camera
  • Owner Information – Allows users to add Twitter handles and other information to their lockscreen
  • Unlock Effect – This changes the look and feel of animation and unlock effect. We prefer watercolor.
  • Additional Info – This allows you to change the weather or pedometer information from your lockscreen.

Samsung Galaxy S20: How To Change Lock Screen

The process to change the wallpaper for the Galaxy S20 is easy. Simply press and hold a blank space on your Home screen. You will be able to add widgets, modify your homescreen settings and change the wallpaper. Click on “Wallpaper” and then click “Lock Screen”.

The default Samsung Galaxy S20 lockscreen wallpaper is a selection of different images. However, you can choose “more images” to select any image you have saved on your Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus. After you have found the right image, click the Set Wallpaper button.

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