How to Screen Capture on Galaxy S20 (Screenshot Trick)

Screen captures on the Galaxy S20 are similar to previous Galaxy smartphones. For those who want to learn how to screen capture on Samsung Galaxy S20, click here. Screen captures the current image on the Samsung Galaxy S20. Screen printing and hard copy are sometimes used to describe the screen capture. If you are unsure how to screen capture on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there are two ways.

How to capture a Galaxy S20 screen:

It is easy to take a screen shot on Galaxy S20. To take a Galaxy screen photo, press and hold both the power and home buttons simultaneously. Once you take the screen shot, you will receive a drop-down notification that allows you to access your Samsung Galaxy S20 screen capture.

Take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S20 screen by swiping the

Swiping the screen is another way to capture a Galaxy S20 screen. However, this gesture must be enabled in Android. You must go to the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S20 in order to enable this feature. Please tap on “Motions & gestures” in the settings and then “Palm swipe for capture”. You can activate the controller to activate the function.

Now you know how to take screen shots on your Samsung Galaxy S20. This useful feature is something you’ll use more often with your Samsung Galaxy S20.

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