How To Insert SIM Card Galaxy S20

If you have just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20, it is important to know how to insert your SIM card from your wireless carrier to get the Galaxy S20 to work. The Galaxy S20 only accepts a Nano-SIM SIM card. It is important to be aware of the type of SIM card it uses. 

There are three types of SIM cards on the market, and they are not compatible. We’ll show you how to insert a SIM card onto your Samsung Galaxy S20.

How to insert SIM Card Galaxy S20:

  • The SIM card tray will be loosened if the ejection pin is used.
  • Next, remove the SIM tray from the SIM tray slot.
  • Next, place your SIM card onto the SIM tray. Next, ensure that you face the contacts of gold colour downwards.
  • Finally, insert the SIM tray back into the SIM tray slot.

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