How To Fix Galaxy S20 Grey Battery Not Charging Problem

The majority of Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus smartphones have no problems. However, some users have reported that their Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus phones are not charging properly. Many people are curious about how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S20 grey battery problem. Some users reported that their phone vibrates while showing the grey battery symbol. After dropping his phone, a user claimed that his Samsung Galaxy S20 started not charging- grey battery problems.

Samsung Galaxy S20 charging problem – grey battery

A damaged cable or charging port is the main reason Samsung Galaxy S20 does not charge- grey battery. A damaged charging port or cable could also be a reason.

Solution to Samsung Galaxy S20’s grey-coloured battery problem.

USB Port

If your Galaxy S20 is damaged or falls, you may have a Samsung Galaxy S20 charging- grey battery problem. This could indicate that something is blocking the connection to the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. The connection could be stopped by debris, dirt, or lint. To fix the problem, you can use a needle or a paper click to move everything around in the USB charging port. This is most often the reason why the Samsung Galaxy S20 does not charge properly. It is important to remember that you must not damage any USB ports and should clean them out gently.

Changing Cables

If the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not charging correctly or a grey color is visible, you should first check that the charging cable is functioning properly. The charger cable may have been damaged and must be replaced. You can fix the problem by purchasing a brand new Galaxy cable charger.

Removing Galaxy S20 Battery

Some users reported that they solved the Samsung Galaxy S20 charging problem- grey battery by taking out the battery. This is a more difficult method than the previous Galaxy models.

Do a Low Battery Dump

Clean System dump is another way to fix this problem.

  • The Galaxy S20 is on!
  • Dialer
  • Enter *#9900#
  • Scroll down to select “Low Battery Dump”.
  • Choose Turn On
  • Partition a Wipe Cache

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