How To Fix Galaxy S20 Apps Crashing

Samsung Galaxy S20 owners have reported apps crashing on their smartphones, regardless of what app they are using. Here are some solutions to the Galaxy S20 freezing and crashing problem.

There are many reasons why apps on Galaxy S20 crash. It is important to know that you should update the software on your Galaxy S20 before following any of these solutions. Follow the below guide to fix Galaxy S20 crashes and freezing if these apps crash frequently after an update.

Factory reset Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus

To resolve the problem, you can perform a factory reset if you are unable to find the reason why an app crashes on your Galaxy S20. It is important to know that all saved data and applications, including Google account settings, will be lost. Make sure you back up your device before performing the factory reset.

Remove bad apps to fix the crash problem

Apps can sometimes crash on your Galaxy S20 because of third-party apps. It is recommended that you read the reviews about the apps on Google Play Store. Because Samsung cannot fix third-party apps’ stability, it is up to the developer to make their app better. It is recommended that you delete bad apps that have not been fixed within a reasonable time.

Memory problem

Apps can also freeze or crash when your Galaxy S20 isn’t restarted in a few days. This is because of a memory glitch. It could be fixed by turning the Galaxy S20 off and on. These steps will fix it if it doesn’t.

  • Turn on your smartphone.
  • Choose from Apps.
  • Click on Manage Apps.
  • Tap on the app that crashes frequently.
  • Clear Cache and Clear Data by pressing Clear Data.

This is due to a shortage of memory

Sometimes, an unstable app might not have enough memory to function as normal. To free up internal memory, uninstall any unneeded apps and/or delete media files.

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