How To Fix Authentication Error On Galaxy S20

When you attempt to connect to Wi-Fi networks with your Samsung Galaxy S20, you might be getting an error message like ” Wifi verification error“. If this message appears, the Samsung Galaxy S20 will not be able to connect to a WiFi network. To fix the Samsung Galaxy S20 authentication error, restart your phone and enter your password again.

The reason for a Wifi authentication error is something you should be aware of. Your username and password are incorrectly used to identify your WiFi connection. This is why you get an error message. Wifi Authentication is unable to find a Wi Fi connection on your smartphone if it fails. This means that there are problems and must be addressed. Here are some ways to fix authentication errors on Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Authentication Error

Some users have reported that Samsung Galaxy S20 authentication errors can be fixed by disabling “Bluetooth” if WAP is enabled. This should correct the Bluetooth and WiFi interaction frequency changes. This should resolve the Samsung Galaxy S20 authentication error.

Reboot Wireless router

If the above solutions don’t work, it could be the router or modem. One last suggestion is to check if the Wi-Fi address conflicts with different smartphones sharing the same Internet addresses. Galaxy S20 authentication error may be caused by the interference of other devices. Rebooting your router or modem to correct this problem is the best solution.

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