Home Inspection Is Important – Here Are The Reasons Why

There are many fees that go along with buying a new house or selling an old one. It is possible to skip the home inspection. An in-depth home inspection can be the difference between investing in the property of your dreams or buying a home that’s a complete loss.

Gathering information about Your Home

Your home is made up many complex systems. A home that runs smoothly means it is well-maintained. The inspector inspects each system to make sure it is in top condition. They may also point out any issues and help you fix them right away.


To ensure safety, all houses that are up to code come with the required equipment. This includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detections, and others. Every home should be inspected for any other potentially hazardous materials, such as mold. It is important to report mold to your realtor if you find it before buying a home.

You should have a home inspection done if you intend to buy a foreclosure property or short sale. Houses that have been boarded are more likely to develop serious health issues and expensive problems. An inspector might find that some copper pipes have been missing. These things could pose a danger to your safety.

Negotiating Tool

A home inspection can also give you a detailed report on the property, which is invaluable in negotiating the price. The inspection report allows you to request repairs, or request a price decrease or credit from seller. To negotiate a better deal, you can consult your realtor.

Learn How to Protect Your Investment

A good home inspector will be extremely knowledgeable about the condition of a home. You can ask them about maintenance and system issues. The valuable information they provide is invaluable to you as a resource. You might be able save yourself from costly and extensive repairs down the line with their help.


It is crucial to learn about the system and details of your house so you know what to do to make it your ideal home. Make sure you do your research before you save the money for a home inspector!

California requires all persons to be licensed by EPA to identify or disclose asbestos. Some inspectors are licensed with EPA to perform asbestos testing. The EPA license does not cover all inspectors. Testing for asbestos is often beyond the expertise of home inspectors due to the licensing requirements.

Check the licensing status of an asbestos tester if they are a home inspector.

Asbestos testing is required in most cases.

Asbestos can be found in buildings and structures constructed before 1978. It is more common than it was before 1978. However, asbestos materials can still be found inside structures that were built after 1978.

It is recommended to have an asbestos inspector/contractor evaluate any structures or houses constructed during this time period for asbestos materials.

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