Galaxy S20 Touch Screen Problems (Solved)

Samsung Galaxy S20 touch screen problems seem to be a common problem for those who own the new Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus have touch screen issues that can be seen on the Galaxy S20. We’ll show you some solutions to the Galaxy S20 touch screen problems that are causing you headaches.

The touch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not responsive at the bottom. To continue using the phone without interruption, users will need to move the app and controls at the far end to the middle.

Why is the Galaxy S20’s touch screen not working?

  • The Galaxy S20’s touch screen can sometimes get damaged during shipping. This causes the device to not work correctly.
  • Software bugs can sometimes cause touch screen problems. Samsung releases software updates to correct these issues, but it can take some time.

How to fix Galaxy S20’s touch screen problem

Factory reset

To reset factory data, go to the Galaxy S20’s notification section.

After everything has been backed-up, select Reset device. Next, click . Delete all. Wait for the process completes and your phone to restart.

Clear phone cache

You can also delete the cache. Hold down the volume button until the Samsung logo appears. It will then ask you if you wish to delete the cache partition. You should answer yes.

  • Turn off the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+
  • Hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously until the Android logo appears and the phone vibrates.
  • Next, release the Power button. Continue to hold the other buttons.
  • Scroll down using the volume buttons to highlight the Wipe Cache Partition
  • Click the Power button
  • Scroll down until you see Yes, then press the Power button
  • Scroll down to Reboot System Now, and then press Power
  • The cleared system cache will allow your Galaxy S20 to reboot.

Perform a hard reset

Important to know that a Samsung Galaxy S20 Hard Reset will erase all data, apps and settings. To prevent data loss, you should back up the Galaxy S20. To back up your Galaxy S20 data, go to Settings > Backup & Reset. This guide will show you how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy.

  • Turn off Galaxy S20
  • Hold the button down while simultaneously pressing Volume Up + Home button + power button until you see the Samsung logo.
  • Next, select Recovery Mode menu “wipe Data / Factory Reset” by using Volume buttons to navigate. Finally, press Power button to confirm.
  • To confirm, select “Yes — delete all user information”
  • Select the option “Reboot system now” after that.

Disable the Sim card

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Plus smartphone. Next, take out your SIM Card and insert it again. Turn on your Galaxy S20 again to confirm that the problem is solved.

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